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24-Hour Emergency Response
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24-Hour Emergency Response

Your Free Guide to Protecting and Saving Invaluable Paper Resources

When documents and books are exposed to flooding, mold, fire or other disasters, the potential losses are about much more than paper. After all it's hard to put a price on medical records, historical documents, rare books, and legal contracts and documents.

The complimentary Quick Guide to Recovering Damaged Paper Documents and Books from Interstate explains how to prepare for and respond to water damage and other emergencies. Download it now to learn:
  • What to be aware of before a disaster happens
  • How water, mold, fire and other types of damage impact paper
  • How the recovery process works
  • Critical preparation steps for a successful recovery
Armed with the knowledge in this guide, you won't gain superpowers but you'll know what to do in the event your organizations paper assets are in jeopardy. And that could very well make you a hero to your boss, colleagues and even customers.

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