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Educational Web Clinics to Help You Stay Informed

2018 Hurricane Season Predictions Are In: Hear What the Experts Are Saying

Hurricane season begins in less than 60 your business prepared? Listen to our latest webinar with Dr. Klotzbach from CSU's Department of Atmospheric Science. This year, Dr. Phil shared what you can expect from the 2018 Hurricane Season and how climate changes may be influencing future hurricane seasons.

Be the First to Know...2017 Hurricane Season Predictions Are In!

Hurricane season will be here before we know it. Watch our latest webinar with Dr. Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science as we discuss the 2017 hurricane forecasts and how El Niño may impact the upcoming season.

2016 Hurricane Season Predictions to Help You Prepare

Hurricane season is here, whether we are ready or not. Watch our latest webinar with Dr. Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science as we discuss the 2016 hurricane forecasts and how you can better prepare your business and your life for this storm season. 


2015 Hurricane Season Begins - Latest Predictions to Help You Prepare

Now that hurricane season is in our midst, it is the perfect time to prepare and take necessary action. Listen in as Dr. Phil Klotzbach (from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science) discusses his team's latest hurricane forecasts for the 2015 season. Not only does he provide critical insights into the hurricane landfall probabilities for the U.S. coastline this year, but he also recounts some important historical snapshots, which help explain why the U.S. really has had “luck” on its side in recent years.  

Forecast Insights to Help You Prepare for the 2014 Hurricane Season

It takes only one hurricane making landfall to be considered an active season. Dr. Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science discusses the Tropical Meteorology Project’s latest hurricane forecasts for 2014 and provide insights into what you can expect this season. He also describes El Nino’s impact on the current landfall probabilities expected for various portions of the United States coastline. 

How the Latest Risk Trends May Impact Your Job

George Zsolnay (Head of Aon Analytics) and Aaron Bruning (Director of Aon Global Risk Consulting) discuss the latest insights gathered from the 2013 Global Risk Management Survey. Not only will you learn what your peers are doing to manage risks and capture opportunities, but you will also tap-into the emerging risk trends that could potentially impact your job, overarching business procedures and planning strategies.

Latest Predictions for the 2013 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

With the 2013 hurricane season in full swing, now is the time to learn about the latest predictions for the 2013 Atlantic Basin hurricane season. Dr. Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science presents the Tropical Meteorology Project's latest forecasts and provides greater insights into the above-average hurricane landfall probabilities expected for various portions of the United States coastline and Caribbean this year. This free web clinic will help you to plan ahead and better prepare for what's in store this season. Check it out:

Avoiding Titanic Problems: How to Mitigate Risk the Right Way

Learn how to effectively analyze risk incidents within your organization to better prepare and respond to future disasters. Witness Mark Galley use the Titanic disaster to show how a root cause analysis can go beyond the iceberg to help organizations reduce risk and minimize the impact to their goals.  

After reviewing this webinar, you will be able to:


  • Find more options, and ultimately solutions, to mitigate risk within a problem
  • Document a detailed analysis in an easy-to-understand format and reduce the impact of future business interruption incidents
  • Break any problem down into a simple visual explanation of cause-and-effect relationships
  • And much more!

Earthquake Readiness: Prepare, Survive, and Recover

Prepare for the unexpected. Learn from Steve Shekerlian (Principal and Structural and Civil Engineer at Global Risk Miyamoto) as he discusses critical ways to reduce earthquake exposure and the different types of building vulnerabilities that should be considered. You will walk away better informed on how to best protect your structural and nonstructural assets. 

Crisis Communication: How to Manage Your Reputation After a Disaster

Disaster strikes. Your first action is to restore critical operations, and fast. But fail to do so, be slow to recover, or simply fail to deliver effective communication, and you’ve undermined your professional credibility, business reputation and brand image.

Learn from crisis communication expert Dr. Robert Chandler as he discusses how to plan to best manage disaster and post-disaster communication that builds and restores trust, repairs damaged reputation and protects your image. You will learn how to:

• Minimize the negative impact to your brand reputation with an effective communication plan
• Utilize the best strategies and tactics when communicating to employees, partners, the community, and journalists
• Deliver the right messages, at the right time, in the right way
• Avoid common communication mistakes that can cost you in the short and long term.

The 2012 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

The latest predictions for the 2012 hurricane season are here. Dr. Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science discusses his latest June forecast released just days prior to this webcast. Find out what you can expect this hurricane season. The data presented will help you plan by offering insights into landfall probabilities for various portions of the United States coastline. Don’t miss this highly anticipated forecast and the latest news for what’s in store this season.

Creating A Safety Culture:
How To Calculate The True Business Costs Of An Accident

Taking workplace safety seriously can help you avoid injuries and lost production time. By implementing the right systems and understanding the financial impacts of an accident, you’ll be in a better position to create a robust safety culture and protect your team and company.

The key is prevention. However, accidents can and do happen. Does your company understand the true costs of an accident? When you uncover the layers, you’ll find the costs can be 4 times higher than you thought when factoring indirect costs.

Join us as John Hogan, Director of Safety at Interstate, discusses tips to help you create a safe work culture. You will learn:

• How to calculate the true costs, both direct and indirect, of an accident
• The amount of revenue your company needs to make up for the costs of an accident
• What your EMR rating means and how it affects your insurance rates.

And most importantly, you will learn how to take corrective action and implement a proven method for creating an accountable and safe work culture.

How To Properly Handle Water Damage:
Tips to Save Your Business Operations and Profitability

What are the risks and proper protocol for handling water damage? When should you hire an outside emergency restoration firm verses using your own maintenance team? Knowing the answers to these questions could save your business. Join us for this web clinic as we discuss tips to help you properly respond to water damage and restore business operations quickly.

You will learn the actions needed to mitigate water damage including:

• The three-types of water damage and the dangers presented by each type;
• A proven five-step methodology to handle water damage properly;
• Plus understand how to remove contaminates and when to salvage or replace materials.

Business Continuity Mistakes, Miscues and Missteps

The Business Continuity Management (BCM) field has changed more in the past five years than most areas of risk management. Even with additional resources and leadership attention, BCM program managers continue to make many of the same mistakes that have impeded progress and eroded the confidence of both line managers and senior management for decades. This session will discuss five of the most common mistakes made in BCM programs and highlight simple strategies to avoid or repair these missteps.

Lessons Taken From The Navy SEALs:
How To Protect Your Business And Employees In Time Of Chaos

Area wide catastrophes such as hurricanes or flooding can cause severe destruction but can also bring out desperation in humans suffering from the event. We saw this first hand with the effects from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Protecting your employees and your business during these times is a priority, not only for life safety reasons but a quick recovery. Learn insider tips from Eric Frohardt, a high level security consultant and former Navy SEAL, to protect yourself, your business, and your employees from harm.

Calculating Business Damages After A Disaster:
Tips To Expedite Your Insurance Claim

Learn practical tips that will help you make the claims process go smoothly and recover more quickly.

  • Understand the steps involved in processing a business interruption claim.

  • Find out how a forensic accountant works to calculate economic damages

  • And most importantly, learn what you can do to help your insurance company expedite the claim so that you can get on your feet and back in business

How to Plan and Deliver Temporary Power for Your Business:
Five key tips to uncover the hidden costs and keep business operations running

Your power is out and business operations are at a standstill. You need a generator. But don’t base your decision on the price of the generator alone. There are other costs to consider when arranging for temporary power.

Learn five essential tips to help you plan and deliver effective temporary power for your business. We’ll show you the true costs of temporary power using real business examples. Plus, you will learn how to calculate your power requirements to select the right generator for your business.


Xactimate: Five Time Saving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

You’re charged to do more with less but where do you find the time? Xactimate.

We found time-saving tips that will help you navigate through Xactimate more quickly and produce quality estimates. We’ll show you the top five shortcuts that you can begin using right away including tips on Sketch and Macros to maximize your time.