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24-Hour Emergency Response

Ritz Carlton, FL

ritz carlton, fl

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Service: Emergency Response Restoration and Reconstruction

The Ritz Carlton sustained $1 million worth of damage resulting from a fire at their beach resort in Key Biscayne, FL. Due to high winds, the outdoor restaurant’s thatched roof caught fire during a rotisserie cooking party. Fortunately no one was hurt but most of the furniture and contents were destroyed, including parts of the adjacent building structure, kitchen, and bar.

  • Emergency services and reconstruction were essential to clean and restore the restaurant
  • Interstate cordoned off the area to protect the guests and conceal the worksite so guests could enjoy their stay. A high-end temporary bamboo fence was used to secure the area and fit with the existing architecture
  • In compliance with Florida regulations, Interstate subcontracted a native American company to rebuild the chickee hut including the thatched roof
  • Interstate completed the job on time while abiding by city noise ordinances