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Large Loss Recovery

Interstate Restoration - Your Large Loss Recovery Partner
There are a number of commercial restoration companies capable of handling damage resulting from a small plumbing overflow or from windblown rain under a window sill. When damages escalate and bring your business to a grinding halt, displacing employees and negatively impacting your customers, it's time to involve a disaster recovery company with large loss expertise. With nearly 20 years of commercial property large loss experience throughout North America, Interstate Restoration has helped thousands of businesses successfully recover after disasters. Interstate has the capability and knowhow to respond to any size job, anywhere.

What Exactly is a Large Loss?
A large loss typically refers to commercial property damage (natural or man-made) which partially or completely halts business operations. These types of losses often involve your insurance carrier.

Why Choose Interstate as Your Restoration Partner?
When your business is in crisis, you need a recovery partner who understands the negative impact business interruption can have. A partner who understands that every second your doors are closed, not only affects your bottom line, but also affects your employees, their families and your customers. Interstate is that partner.

When resources are scarce, Interstate will be there for you and your property, giving you the personalized attention you need and deserve. With company-owned equipment, skilled staff and a scalable model, Interstate is able to effectively handle and respond to multiple restoration projects simultaneously, without compromising service. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you get back to business quickly and efficiently.

Interstate Restoration & Large Loss Specialties
The difference is in our relationships. We pride ourselves on forming partnerships early on and building the trust necessary to ensure your property is taken care of in time of disaster. We provide consistent coast-to-coast service, quality and competitive pricing, to allow you to focus on the important things, like getting back to business and life. And, we will keep you updated from project start to finish, so there are never any surprises.

What Makes Interstate Your Trusted Partner in Large Loss Recovery?
  • With 55+ locations throughout North America, we are able to respond to any size job, anytime, anywhere.
  • Our size allows us to rapidly mobilize our team, equipment and resources to help get your business back up and running quickly and safely, without compromising quality - to give you, your employees and your customers the peace of mind you need.
  • We understand speed is absolutely critical to minimize damage and to get you back to business so we're available 24/7 - day or night, including the middle of the night on a holiday weekend.
  • Our fast response helps reduce downtime and save money so you can return to full business operations quickly.
  • Because we own our equipment and have a well-established network of partners, you'll always get the attention you need-especially in times when resources are scarce.
  • We will work with you to cultivate a relationship built on trust and longevity. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing and creating exceptional experiences for our clients. View our code of ethics and core values to learn more.
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Additional Resources: "Companies that aren't able to resume operations within 10 days of a disaster are not likely to survive."
- Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)