Fire Damage Restoration & Services

Finding a company to help you from the time a fire happens to a full repair is rare. Interstate provides both emergency response restoration and reconstruction services and can help you with every detail of your building. You’ll only need to work with one company to receive all the fire restoration services you’ll need, avoiding the hassles of managing multiple vendors.

Using Interstate’s proven work path, we will assess your site and stabilize the fire & smoke damage, addressing critical operations first to get you up and running.

We’ll take care of every detail when it comes to fire and smoke restoration, including the removal of soot, odor, debris, hazardous toxins, water, and repairing structural damage.

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Key Fire & Smoke Damage Services:

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction between the oxygen that is present in the atmosphere and a source of combustible fuel. Once this combustible fuel – carpet, furniture, or drywall – has been heated to its unique ignition temperature, the fuel will catch fire and volatile gases will be released in the form of smoke. While smoke and the residue it leaves behind can cause lasting damage and should be dealt with by experienced professionals, heat is the most noticeable, and destructive, product of this chemical reaction. What’s more, fire is self-perpetuating – meaning that as a fire comes into contact with additional fuel, the reaction continues and the fire spreads.

Fire Damage Restoration Services & Solutions

When a fire occurs, putting the flames out as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. However, dousing a fire’s flames can cause its own set of problems. On top of the soot and smoke damage left behind by a fire, water damage becomes the property owner’s next issue. Water must be removed and the building thoroughly dried as quickly as possible in order to prevent mold, which can grow rapidly in a high-humidity environment. Professional dehumidification services ensure that the relative humidity level appropriate for your building is restored, while mold remediation services eradicate all traces of mold, which can be damaging not only to the building, but potentially to the health of individuals who are exposed to it. Residue left behind by soot and smoke should to be dealt with next as this is a corrosive substance that, if left untreated, can erode surfaces, electronics, finishes, fabrics, and building materials, causing further damage to your property.

Download A Quick Guide to Fire Damage to discover the key steps in the fire recovery process and four key items to consider in a fire response plan.

If you have experienced a fire and are in need of expert fire and smoke restoration services, contact Interstate Restoration at 800–622–6433 today and let our fire restoration and smoke damage mitigation professionals help get you back to business.