Saving Damaged Documents and Books

Time is of the essence when determining whether or not document recovery is possible. A quick response, coupled with the right technical approach, can increase your chances of saving your most critical documents, books and media.

Interstate’s document restoration and media recovery services are designed to provide fast, efficient and high-quality service while meeting the strictest security and confidentiality requirements. No matter what the damage—water damage, humidity, mold, smoke, fire, or contamination from animal waste—we have the expertise and capabilities to return documents, books and media to a usable state. Some of the more common items we recover through our document restoration services are:

  • Books, magazines and ledgers
  • Medical files, office files, law files and vital records
  • Blueprints, maps and other large media
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • Photographs, negatives and slides
  • X-rays

Watch the video below to find out more about Interstate’s document restoration:

Leading Document Restoration Technology
Interstate is the only document restoration and preservation provider with vacuum freeze-drying chambers that use innovative Dry Cloud technology, which enables us to complete document recovery jobs in 5 – 7 days, significantly lower than the industry average of 14 – 28 days.

Through the sublimation process, water transforms from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Using the correct technology and software during document restoration allows for proper drying and prevents paper from becoming overly dry or brittle.

Document Sublimation Process

Comprehensive Document Recovery Capabilities
The recovery process for documents, books and media often requires more than just drying. Interstate document restoration services cover you from start to finish, greatly increasing the odds of recovering the greatest amount of usable information. We start by carefully cataloguing your documents upon pick-up. During the document restoration process, we provide freeze-drying, pathogen treatment, odor elimination, soil removal, photocopying and scanning, and custom requests as appropriate. And ultimately, we return your documents and books in a clearly organized manner so they are easy to put back in the proper place.

Interstate Restoration’s document recovery division is a leading provider of vacuum freeze-drying and a comprehensive provider of additional document restoration services such as:

  • Cobalt 60 Gamma Sterilization to kill pathogens for safe handling
  • Deodorization treatment to eliminate odors
  • Debris removal to improve appearance (as needed)
  • Trimming of charred edges to salvage all usable parts of a burned document
  • Scanning or photocopying based on your business needs

Security and Confidentiality 
Our document recovery division follows the strictest security and confidentiality requirements. When performing our document restoration and document preservation services, we work with companies and government organizations that have strict confidentiality and security requirements, so we can be as protective of your resources as you need us to be.

  • Facilities and processes are carefully designed to meet stringent government security requirements
  • Our people must pass background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements
  • Detailed and documented chain of custody procedures in place

Download an introductory guide to freeze-drying and the best method for responding to damaged documents and books:

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