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Interstate Document Restoration Services

Save damaged documents and books

Time is of the essence to saving damaged documents and books.

Interstate Documentation Restoration Services are designed to provide fast, efficient and high-quality service while meeting the strictest security and confidentiality requirements. No matter what the damage—be it water, humidity and mold, smoke, fire, or soiling from animal waste—we have the expertise and capabilities to return documents and books to a usable state. Watch the video below to find out more:

Leading technology
We are the only content restoration provider with freeze-drying chambers that use innovative Dry Cloud technology, which enables us to complete jobs in 5 – 7 days rather than the 14 – 28 day industry average.
Through the sublimation process water transforms from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Using the right technology and software allows for proper drying and prevents paper from becoming overly dry and brittle to achieve desired results.

Document Sublimation Process

Comprehensive capabilities
Our services cover your content restoration needs from end to end. We carefully catalog your documents at pick up. During the restoration process, we provide freeze-drying, pathogen treatment, odor elimination, soil removal, photocopying and scanning, and custom requests as needed. And ultimately we return your documents and books in a clearly organized manner so they are easy to put back in the proper place.

Download an introductory guide to freeze drying and the best method for
responding to damaged documents and books.