Fast Response, Ample Resources, & Expert Execution: Everything You Need From an Emergency Restoration Response Company

Chaos ensues when a region has been hit by an area-wide disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado. It’s more than one business that’s impacted, it’s a community.

Interstate has the unique ability to expertly handle and respond to multiple projects at once, providing the most reliable catastrophic disaster response help. In times when resources are scarce, you can count on Interstate to be there for your business and give you the personalized attention you deserve.

  • During Hurricane Katrina, Interstate managed more than 440 projects.
  • Interstate managed more than 220 projects in the first seven days of Hurricane Ike
  • In 2007, Interstate successfully handled multiple projects on the West Coast (Washington State flooding) and multiple projects in the Northeast (cold and freezing temperatures created massive pipe breaks, HVAC system breakdowns, etc.).
  • In 2016 Interstate provided emergency disaster restoration services to more than 200 commercial businesses following the Baton Rouge, LA, flooding and the East Coast following Hurricane Matthew.

We’ve responded to many catastrophic events and our clients know we’ll always be there to help. Using only the best experts in the industry, you’ll have plenty of experienced team members and equipment to return to business quickly.

Key catastrophic disaster response help services: