Repairing Defective Properties with Minimal Disruption to Your Business and Life

Interstate is the ideal choice for helping commercial tenants and multifamily property managers and homeowners reconstruct and repair construction defects to their buildings. With more than 20 years of experience on average, our team of construction repair and reconstruction contractors will ensure every step is the right approach to making your building structurally sound and meeting design and manufacturer’s installation requirements. Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can restore the value of your property and investment as well as overcome any construction defect. And we do it all by working around your schedule with minimal disruptions.

Why Interstate for Construction Defect & Construction Repair?

  • Experienced and safe team. Our background in disaster recovery has led to the development of proven approaches for efficiently completing general contracting work as well as a plan for completing construction defect repairs around your life. We hold General Contracting licenses in all 50 states where required and comply with each state’s requirements. Since 2014, our teams have completed more than 22,000 hours of safety training.
  • Strong code of ethics and workmanship: We believe in doing the right thing for every client. It comes down to how we approach every project, by strictly adhering to building codes and OSHA Safety and Health standards, and a commitment to quality.
  • Consistent service nationwide: Our team is committed to constant communication, closely monitoring the project every step of the way, and quickly responding to your needs anywhere in the nation.

Construction Defect Services:

  • Destructive and Intrusive Testing
  • Estimate of Repairs
  • Post-Litigation Repairs and Reconstruction

Destructive and Intrusive Testing

Our construction defect team works in conjunction with design professionals who will evaluate the structural makeup of the building envelop and interior to detect any weaknesses. We start by taking a precise cut out of a specific area of the building to help design professionals evaluate the building layers. Once documented and assessed, we put the building back together as if the cut out never happened.

Estimate of Repairs

Our seasoned experts understand what it takes to recover your building and will provide you with a detailed and accurate cost estimate as well as a preliminary worksite utilization plan and schedule to complete the work. You’ll understand the exact costs of the project and the steps needed for a full recovery.

Post-Litigation Repairs and Reconstruction

Using a proven work approach, our construction defect team will perform the necessary repairs and reconstruction based on the engineer’s findings and recommendations. We closely monitor and supervise our work every step of the way to keep your project moving on schedule. Plus, you’ll receive before, during and after photos documenting all work on the project for a smooth insurance and legal claims process.

Rated as an AM Best Expert Service Provider by our clients for high-quality work and customer service