Fast-Track Construction Restoration Services & General Contractor Services to Return Your Facility Back to Pre-Loss Condition Quickly

Once emergency restoration services are completed, it is often necessary to rebuild a portion of the facility or refinish a section of the interior, Interstate is one of the few national companies offering general contractor services and construction restoration services in conjunction with emergency services. You’ll notice the benefits of using a turnkey solution in both time and cost.

We fast-track each construction project while maintaining high-quality workmanship. Our team will work to meet your timeline and budget while rebuilding your business using best practices and a strong focus on job site safety. You’ll always have the resources you need, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Key General Contractor Services and Construction Restoration Services:

Safety First

We invest in one of the most advanced safety programs in our industry to protect you, our employees, and the public from injuries. As a result, you get high-quality work because our team is focused on doing the job the right way.

Bringing You the Best in the Industry

Interstate’s experienced and well-qualified team understands the industry, knows how to resolve complex issues, and completes projects on time and within budget.

Creating a Healthier Environment

Interstate is committed to sustainability and using efficient materials that make sense economically and create healthier work conditions.

Labor and Materials Warranty

Interstate wants to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with our general contractor services and construction restoration services. We offer a one year warranty on labor and materials. Extended warranties on applicable material come directly from the supplier.

Rated as an AM Best Expert Service Provider by our clients for high-quality work and customer service