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Property Damage Consulting Divison

Interstate Property Damage Consulting is an independent division providing full service pre-and post-loss restoration and construction consulting services for the insurance industry.

Our experienced team of consultants can assist with a fair and efficient insurance claim process. We specialize in unbiased and accurate scope-of-work and cost-estimates, managing project costs and selecting the right talent for the job, managing the project to completion, and offer solutions to mitigate risk before property damage occurs. And in the event a dispute occurs, Interstate’s team provides third-party consultative support, including appraisal, mediation and arbitration, and expert witness services.

Trusted by insurance companies throughout the United States, our experienced team consults on property damage from the largest commercial projects to small businesses in a broad range of industries including:
  • Commercial
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Multifamily.

Property Damage Consulting Services: Why Work With Us?
Experienced Team
Our experienced consultants understand the insurance industry and can help you manage an efficient project. And it's not just about doing the job well. We're serious about quality, approaching the job correctly, and doing the right thing. Every year our team signs an ethics statement pledging to make honest and good moral business decisions. That along with our technical savvy means you'll have the right team behind you for any type project. At Interstate we stress on-going education, continued career growth and industry knowledge. You will have a dedicated team of experts on hand for any type of project:
  • Environmental Consults
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Water Restoration Consultants
  • Forensic Engineers
  • Architectural Services
  • Roofing Consultants
  • Construction Estimators
  • Claims Management Experts
Experienced Team
Interstate has performed property damage work for most, if not all, insurance carriers throughout the United States. Insurance professionals trust us as an advisor and appreciate that we live by our core values which are the foundation of our team.
accurate cost and timeline estimates
Experienced Team
Real world project cost and timeline estimates are fully backed by our premier full-service Restoration and Reconstruction Contractor division. With our thorough property and equipment inspections, you'll have a precise budget and timeline to help you value property damage accurately.
Contractor Backed Restoration and Reconstruction Arm
Experienced Team
When you use Interstate's Consulting Services, rest assured that we can also perform the work with Interstate's Restoration and Reconstruction division. Using a proven work process, we'll approach your job using the most qualified talent in the industry who understands how to run an efficient and cost effective project.
Communication and documentation
Experienced Team
Project success depends on continual and clear communication, both verbal and written reports. You will always know how a project is progressing with daily communication and receive detailed documentation to keep a claim moving forward.
Experienced Team
We provide national coverage with a growing list of dedicated and experienced consultants. And we're always on the lookout for top talent to join our team to ensure you're working with the best in the industry.