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24-Hour Emergency Response
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24-Hour Emergency Response

Town of Windsor, CO

Town of Windsor, co

Putting Peoples’ Lives Back Together with Quality Workmanship

Service: Emergency Response Restoration and Reconstruction

In May of 2008, the Town of Windsor, Colorado experienced a mile-wide tornado that left a 35-mile path of destruction, resulting in the costliest tornado ever in Colorado. Damage assessments were performed on each building resulting in more than $1.8 million worth of repairs.

  • Emergency services, temporary structures and power, restoration, and reconstruction were important to help city officials and residents restore their town
  • Interstate was one of the first responders to the town
  • We managed the town’s small and large, often complex, projects with quality and in the time-frame promised
  • Engle Martin estimates that Interstate saved the town of Windsor $321,000 due to Interstate’s expertise and quick response