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Hundreds of businesses recently battered from two major hurricanes — Harvey and Irma — are leaning on Interstate Restoration to help get things back to normal. "I almost equate it to Katrina and the four hurricanes that hit Florida two years apart," said Stacy Mazur, CEO of...
FT. WORTH, Texas (Sept. 13, 2017) – While positioning people throughout hurricane-afflicted portions of the U.S. in recent days, Interstate Restoration acknowledged that the recovery will be a massive undertaking, but the Ft. Worth-based company is up for the challenge. Interstate...
Stacy Mazur spoke with KOA radio about Interstate Restoration's efforts in Texas for Hurricane Harvey. Listen in as Mazur talks about Interstate's "boots-on-the-ground" efforts and how important it is for a quick response to not only resolve water intrusion, but to also prevent...
Stacy Mazur spoke with R&R about Interstate Restoration's efforts in Texas for Hurricane Harvey. Watch the full interview as Mazur talks about Interstate's response efforts and the need for the industry to work together during this time of need. WATCH NOW
FT. WORTH, TX (Sep 7, 2017) – One of the nation's leading disaster-recovery companies has positioned its resources in anticipation of restoration demands in both Texas and Florida. Offering assurance to businesses already affected by or preparing to be affected by dual, massive...