Businesses Should Prepare Now for Winter’s Wrath

Interstate Restoration offers advice, services to mitigate the impact of ice, cold, snow 

FT. WORTH, Texas (December 1, 2016) – Winter weather can wreak havoc on businesses. Water damage caused by frozen pipes, roof damage from snow and ice, and operational delays due to blizzard conditions all carry a significant cost. As many states including South Carolina observe Winter Weather Awareness and Preparedness weeks in the coming days, experts at Interstate Restoration say businesses and others need to prepare now for winter’s wrath – such as knowing how to thaw a frozen pipe or respond to water or roof damage – in order to stem losses and minimize recovery time when cold weather affects operations.

“Business owners always hope to avoid losses, and certainly the impact of winter weather poses a significant threat,” said Stacy Mazur, CEO of Interstate Restoration. “Should the worst happen, Interstate’s experts are ready to assist with recovery in every way, as we’ve done after numerous disasters over the past several years.”

Interstate Restoration’s disaster recovery and restoration services are designed to help businesses mitigate damage and get critical operations back online quickly. The company offers its clients advice about the most effective ways to prepare for and respond to ice, cold and snow, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other natural disasters, and Interstate also wants businesses to know about resources available from the National Weather Service to help prepare for severe weather regardless of the season.

Interstate Restoration, headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas, earlier this year acquired FirstOnSite of Canada to become the second-largest independent company in its industry in North America. For a snapshot of Interstate Restoration’s experience in natural disaster recovery and restoration, click on the company’s storm response page.