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24-Hour Emergency Response
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24-Hour Emergency Response

Park Theater Mall, CO

The Park Theatre mall

Rebuilding A Community

Service: Emergency Response Restoration and Reconstruction

The Park Theatre Mall, a historic century-year-old building in Estes Park, CO incurred $600,000 worth of damage from a large fire. Nearly a dozen businesses were impacted in this small community, including a theatre, retail stores, and apartments.

  • Interstate responded with Emergency services to secure the property, conduct an open air abatement, and used a specialized ice blasting technique to clean a portion of the building
  • Interstate isolated the damaged section of the mall to allow the neighboring businesses to re-open in as little as a week after the fire
  • The Interstate team dug through the rubble for hours to find the owner’s diamond ring and coin collection. They also used a heavy lifting crane to access the middle of the burned structure to retrieve an heirloom mantle clock owned by a retail proprietor
  • All repairs were completed on schedule and businesses are thriving

Westfield America malls, CA

Keeping Retail Stores Open

Service: Emergency Response Restoration

Westfield America, a recognized leader in the real estate industry, suffered more than $900,000 worth of soot and ash damage from the 2007 California fires affecting roofs for six shopping malls.


  • Emergency services, including HEPA vacuums and cleaning, were important to protect the health of the community
  • A filtering system was utilized for proper waste water drainage, saving the client from paying for waste water disposal and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Interstate worked side-by-side with Mall Maintenance to minimize impact on shoppers
  • Interstate mobilized separate crews for each location and completed all work in record time