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Delighting the customer through great service and a pleasant shopping experience sets you apart from your competition. When disaster strikes, we know your primary goal is to get back in business quickly.

Interstate Restoration works with small retail locations, medium retail outlets, and larger mall developers to ensure a disaster preparation plan is in place if fire, flood, or natural disaster strikes. No project is too large for our experienced team of disaster mitigation specialists.

With Interstate’s immediate 24/7 response, we’ll be able to carefully assess the property damage and expedite a plan to reduce the impact on your business, customers, and tenants. You’ll receive the attention to detail and quality workmanship you need to get back to business quickly and provide your customers with a seamlessly positive shopping experience.

Featured Projects

The Park Theatre Mall

Rebuilding A Community


Emergency Response Restoration and Reconstruction
The Park Theatre Mall, a historic century-year-old building in Estes Park, CO incurred $600,000 worth of damage from a large fire. Nearly a dozen businesses were impacted in this small community, including a theatre, retail stores, and apartments.


  • Interstate responded with Emergency services to secure the property, conduct an open-air abatement and used a specialized ice blasting technique to clean a portion of the building
  • Interstate isolated the damaged section of the mall to allow the neighboring businesses to re-open in as little as a week after the fire
  • The Interstate team dug through the rubble for hours to find the owner’s diamond ring and coin collection. They also used a heavy lifting crane to access the middle of the burned structure to retrieve an heirloom mantle clock owned by a retail proprietor
  • All repairs were completed on schedule and businesses are thriving

Westfield America Malls, CA

Keeping Retail Stores Open

Emergency Response Restoration

Westfield America, a recognized leader in the real estate industry, suffered more than $900,000 worth of soot and ash damage from the 2007 California fires affecting roofs for six shopping malls.


  • Emergency services, including HEPA vacuums and cleaning, were important to protect the health of the community
  • A filtering system was utilized for proper waste water drainage, saving the client from paying for wastewater disposal and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Interstate worked side-by-side with Mall Maintenance to minimize the impact on shoppers
  • Interstate mobilized separate crews for each location and completed all work in record time