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It’s a balancing act managing the demands of the American public, your internal agencies, and producing results with a limited budget. And when a disaster strikes, the public expects a continuation of services.

Interstate understands the pressures you deal with, and we will work to ensure your operations are fully functioning. We’ll respond quickly and provide an accurate scope of work along with detailed reports on daily job activity, costs, and timeline. Our experts know the most efficient and economical way to get you back in operation so you can meet the ever-growing demands of your customers.

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Featured Projects

Town of Windsor,  CO

Putting Peoples’ Lives Back Together with Quality Workmanship


Emergency Response Restoration and Reconstruction
In May of 2008, the Town of Windsor, Colorado experienced a mile-wide tornado that left a 35-mile path of destruction, resulting in the costliest tornado ever in Colorado. Damage assessments were performed on each building resulting in more than $1.8 million worth of repairs.
Emergency services, temporary structures and power, restoration, and reconstruction were important to help city officials and residents restore their town.  Interstate was one of the first responders to the town.  We managed the town’s small and large, often complex, projects with quality and in the time-frame promised.  Engle Martin estimates that Interstate saved the town of Windsor $321,000 due to Interstate’s expertise and quick response.