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24-Hour Emergency Response
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24-Hour Emergency Response

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery planning is important not only to protect employees and building guests during an event, but for ensuring a rapid recovery once the worst is over. The disaster recovery experts at Interstate Restoration have developed a Jump Start Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to help get you on the right path to disaster readiness.
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A Quick Guide to Water Damage

Whether excess water arises from a broken water line, weather-related flooding, a drain backup or another cause, water in your building can cause serious problems.
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A Quick Guide to Fire Damage

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Guide to Protecting and Saving Invaluable Paper Resources

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15 Critical Actions to Take Before the Storm

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Witness water damage to drywall through wicking demonstration

Find out how to make flood cuts when water damages a wall with insulation

Discover the best way to address water damage by creating weep holes in drywall without insulation

Watch how to create staggered cuts to preserve a firewall after water damage