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24-Hour Emergency Response
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24-Hour Emergency Response

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How We Respond

Hurricane Sandy, aka "Superstorm Sandy," certainly made its impact five years ago. In the wake of one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record, Interstate has been able to look back and apply some of the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy. Read the full press release below.
Spotting hail damage can be tricky. If you don’t know what to look for, you can easily overlook some important vulnerabilities, leading to additional damage and expenses. With an already active hail season underway in a number of states throughout the U.S., now is the time to start planning your “what if” hail scenario.  Watch our latest video to see how Interstate can help you with the hail claims process: Sources: A Year in Review: 2016 Notable Weather Events 2015...
In January we typically focus our business preparedness tips on dealing with issues related to freezing temperatures and winter storms. After all, average temperatures in January and February are normally the lowest of the year. But as we transition into 2017, the weather has been anything but “normal” across many regions. Winter Weather Response Do’s and Don’ts Cold winter weather can lead to all kinds of building-related emergencies, a couple of the most common...
Fire. Flooding. Storms. Natural Disasters. These events can bring business operations to a screaming halt. Getting a business up and running as quickly as possible is always our goal. How do we do it? Careful preparation and building relationships long before the storm hits. Being “Interstate prepared” means taking a proactive approach prior to storms or natural disasters. There are five key pieces: 1. Form partnerships with national accounts 2. Build trust and gain commitment...
How has your year been so far? Hopefully your business hasn’t been impacted by any of this year’s historic weather events, blindsiding communities and businesses across the country.1 So far in 2016, many parts of the country have already seen record flooding, heatwaves, snowstorms, and destructive wildfires.  The transition from August to September has been particularly dramatic. In August, unprecedented rainstorms and flooding hit Louisiana, leading to the nation’s...
When it comes to writing a good disaster recovery plan (DRP), knowledge is power. After all, key steps in the recovery process will inform what’s possible in terms of restoring part or all of your business operations as soon as possible. That’s why we want to give you an insider’s look into the fire recovery process. As with most types of disasters, the damages from a fire may vary widely, depending on building- and situation-specific considerations. Yet in many cases,...
It has now been 18 years since Interstate Restoration got its start in Texas back in 1998. There is definitely no shortage of gratitude to all of the companies, employees, and partners who have continued to place their trust in us throughout the years. And while alot have changed from decade to decade, there has been one "constant" that continues to motivate our organization and drive our back. On a business level, as well as on a personal level, Interstate...
Helping put people's lives back together is what we know and do everyday. So, in response to the Flint, Michigan water crisis, our Southfield office was ready and willing to be involved in relief efforts.   Lisa Epstein, Principal of Chicago's Richard Henry Lee Elementary School, reached out to Interstate for help with a clean water initiative she was organizing. With close ties to her hometown (Flint), Lisa made it a priority to develop a way to get clean water to children in the...
When winter temperatures are at their coldest, the last thing you want to deal with is water damage or roof damage—or both. Yet the wintery mix of cold and freezing temperatures and powerful storms means that frozen pipes as well as flooding, or even a compromised roof, are very real possibilities. We speak from experience because the most frequent calls we receive in the winter are usually about these three types of disasters. That’s why this week, we wanted to highlight a few...
Hear how Interstate helped Sports Authority recover from a fire that damaged their Charleston, South Carolina store. You will witness why quick response, a trusted partnership and quality workmanship matter.   To learn more about emergency response restoration services, including fire and smoke damage remediation, please call 800-622-6433.