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24-Hour Emergency Response

Fire & Smoke Damage

It is common knowledge not all insurance policies are created equal, so it is very important to consider the coverage limits of your paper assets and records before a disaster. Depending on the quantity of stored records at your facility, as well as which assets are required to maintain normal business operations, your standard policy may be enough to recover your damaged files. However, when it comes to a legal, educational and/or a healthcare organization for example, standard coverage...
Hear how Interstate helped Sports Authority recover from a fire that damaged their Charleston, South Carolina store. You will witness why quick response, a trusted partnership and quality workmanship matter.   To learn more about emergency response restoration services, including fire and smoke damage remediation, please call 800-622-6433.
Beep, beep beep! Riiiiiing! Ruuuurrrr! Are your business’s fire alarms working correctly and is your prevention plan up to date? If not, it’s Fire Prevention Week (from October 4 – 11), so there’s no time like the present to find out. Even with modern prevention measures, fires still cause huge losses and large numbers of casualties every year. In 2014 alone: 494,000 out of 1,298,000 reported fires were structure fires That means a structure fire was...
Natural disasters aren’t always the most pressing danger to your business. Even a simple pipe leak can lead to financially crippling damage. When time is of the essence to save damaged documents and books, find out why upfront planning is key in the video below: To learn more about Interstate's emergency response and general contractor services, please call 800-622-6433.
No matter how fast the holidays snuck up on you, we hope you will have time off to relax and spend time with your family and friends to celebrate the season. No doubt you have a lot on your mind as you wrap up the year and are juggling increased work pressures along with parties and family obligations. We want to make sure you get the maximum time enjoy yourself, so we’re here with just a couple of important reminders for keeping your business safe from fires as you celebrate the...
Flooding, fire, pipe breaks, or even adverse conditions like humidity, can quickly destroy paper documents, records and books. But content recovery and restoration methods, such as freeze-drying, can save critical paper assets. Planning ahead for a rapid response is key. Interstate’s Document Restoration Services now use the fastest freeze-drying technology available as part of our comprehensive services. Plan ahead for faster recovery Given the importance of speed and efficiency to...
Fires are notorious for causing expensive damage to commercial facilities and structures. Routinely topping costs over one million dollars, it makes financial sense – as well as common sense – to prepare for fire damage and have a fire response plan to rely on if flames break out unexpectedly. Commercial Fire Damage Preparation Tips  Many of the same actions for residential fire protection apply to commercial facilities: Prepare and maintain adequate firebreaks...
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that flooding is now one of the most common disasters throughout the United States, with damages to  homes, businesses, and infrastructure sometimes reaching billions of dollars in a single year. For business owners, severe flooding can destroy years of hard work in a matter of minutes. Preparing for flooding FEMA’s flood-response website advises purchasing flooding insurance and determining the flood risk...
Dealing with fire damage or water damage in your home can be distressing. If you’re faced with such a disaster, the best thing to do is call for professional help immediately. Experienced fire restoration and water restoration experts will work quickly to minimize the damage and begin the restoration process. Below are a few tips you can use to minimize damage and ensure your personal safety. If your home has fire or smoke damage… Open doors and windows to circulate fresh air...