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Do you know how to safeguard your business from common cold weather issues? This week we are sharing our top five tips for protecting your property as we start to see cold weather and snowy forecasts throughout many areas of the country. Remember to also check out the quick links at the bottom of this article for even more cold weather tips! 
In the hospitality industry, a good disaster recovery plan can make the difference between business survival or shuttered doors after unfortunate events happen. Disaster recovery planning is important not only to protect guests and employees at hotels and resorts during an event, but for ensuring an orderly and rapid recovery once the worst has passed. The disaster recovery experts at Interstate Restoration have developed a Jump Start to Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for Hospitality that...
In many parts of the country, such as Dallas, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and Seattle, Washington, mild winters are mostly par for the course. But that doesn’t mean that extreme winter weather won’t dramatically impact your city and business at some point. Just think back to Super Bowl 45 in Dallas. In the week leading up to the game, the Dallas area was hit with a deep freeze. Snow and ice blanketed the area, causing havoc with Super Bowl preparations as well as in businesses across...
You are probably familiar with the expression “what you see is what you get” or the associated WYSIWYG abbreviation. Although people use the phrase in a lot of different ways, the basic idea is that there is little to no difference between what is visible to you and the underlying reality of what you are seeing. When it comes to water losses, a WYSIWYG mindset is a dangerous concept. Especially when the loss is in an apartment building or office building where people spend a lot of...
Despite modern safety measures, devices and building techniques, fires still present a very real danger for businesses. Every year, upwards of 80,000 workplace fires occur, resulting in thousands of injuries and scores of deaths, so it is vital to keep fire prevention and evacuation strategies active and up to date. With Fire Prevention Week well underway (runs from October 7-13), it's a great reminder to complete an annual check up of your business’ fire strategy.  A Long...
Is your damaged building safe to enter? Assessing building damage after a disaster involves risks. But someone has to do it. If the task falls on you, it’s important you understand some key safety considerations before entering. Watch our latest video to learn our top five tips for staying safe during a post-disaster building inspection so you can stay healthy and focused on what matters most.
No one can tell you exactly what to expect in a building fire because there are simply too many variables to consider. Recovering quickly (relative to the circumstances) however, requires awareness of the basics of the recovery process, including key insurance considerations, what kind of help you’ll need to recover and where you’ll get it. Your ability to coordinate help after a fire is put out can have a potentially large impact on recovery time and costs to your property....
Although National Preparedness Month (NPM) only occurs once a year, preparedness plans are an ongoing concern for every business that should be paid attention to year round. This year, NPM is focusing on "planning, with an overarching theme: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How." Read on to learn just how you can start...or continue preparing your family, home and business. So How Can You Prepare? shares a few key takeaways that you can start working on now:...
We've been through numerous hurricanes over the last 20 years. Which means we've learned a lot when it comes to preparing your commercial property and minimizing downtime. So if you're looking for hurricane preparedness literature, we're your one-stop resource. We've compiled our favorite pieces of preparedness tips, specific to hurricanes, and put them all in one neat little spot.  Helpful Hurricane Preparedness Blog Posts: A Five-Day Breakdown for Business...
An organization's approach to safety is one of the most important indicators of their efficacy. Ensuring the safety of customers, employees, passersby and the work crew is critical to limiting potential liabilities. Watch our latest video to learn four tips for choosing a resoration provider...hint: you've already learned one of them!