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Thank you for being such an important part of our year! We wish you all the joys of the holiday season and happiness throughout 2018.
The High Cost of “Disaster Fatigue”  It’s completely understandable, if you’re suffering from disaster fatigue as 2017 winds down. There were times this year when there were a dizzying number of near-simultaneous disasters happening around the country. In fact, as of October the U.S. had already seen 15 $1billion+ loss events.1 And the severe weather wasn’t isolated to just a couple or few parts of the country—it battered areas across the Midwest...
With the 2017 hurricane season ending late last week, we thought the timing was perfect to take a look back at the storms that impacted the U.S. this year. From hurricanes to hail to tornadoes and wildfires, it sure was a busy year for extreme weather events. In fact, 2017 broke the record for the most named storms with 17 total named storms recorded. But that's not sure to check out our latest infographic below to see all of this season's highlights: Sources: 1 Unless...
There are a few critical steps every business should take to prepare for severe weather. And although no two disasters are alike, we think we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to prepare your business for an (un)expected disaster. Watch our latest vlog to learn how to make your life just a little bit easier after a disaster by simply planning ahead. Want more? Be sure toheck out our two other popular vlogs before you leave! As always, please feel free to share with anyone you...
On you mark, get set… it’s time to plan and decorate for the holidays! But as you do, don’t forget about the safety considerations we highlight below. Why? Because there’s nothing worse than dealing with an injury or fire during the season of thanks and celebration. And unfortunately, the risks at work and at home are all too real this time of year. Decorating injuries in November and December account for thousands of emergency room visits every year. Falls (34%),...
Ready or not, fall is upon us. We hope you’ve had a great summer and that you get to enjoy plenty of mild weather before winter hits. In the meantime, it’s an ideal time for some building and property upkeep that will help you ease into the holiday season and winter knowing you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. This blog post provides five tips for preparing commercial properties for upcoming inclement fall and winter weather. 1. Start at the Top with a Roof...
Hurricane Sandy, aka "Superstorm Sandy," certainly made its impact five years ago. In the wake of one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record, Interstate has been able to look back and apply some of the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy. Read the full press release below.
Everyone knows mold is unpleasant, and you’re probably well aware that mold can lead to costly problems for businesses. But beyond that, how much do you really know about mold and how to prevent it? Read on for nine interesting facts and a few critical prevention tips: Source: Brian Kichan, CARNO. (2015, July 21). Telephone Interview.
Once upon a time when disaster struck, the first thing most people would do was turn on their radio or television set to get a better sense of the situation. Although mass media was and, to some extent, still is invaluable for understanding the big picture of a disaster, there are limited places reporters and cameras can be at one time. What’s top of mind for most people impacted by a disaster is what’s happening in specific areas and whether or not their friends and family are...
Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have definitely made an impact in Texas and Florida causing massive damage with flooding, storm surge and high winds. This season is the first season on record that the U.S. has had two, Category 4 (maximum sustained winds >=130 mph) hurricanes make landfall. So, what’s brewing in the Atlantic this year to make for such an active season? The stats for the Atlantic hurricane season (so far) are as follows: 11 named storms 6 hurricanes 3...