Why hire a restoration contractor?

When meeting new and potential clients I sometimes get the question “why should I hire an emergency restoration contractor as opposed to a general contractor?”

You may be surprised to know that an emergency restoration contractor is very different from a general contractor. Most general contractors focus strictly on new construction and remodeling but do not have the knowledge, skills, and tools to address your business operational needs once a disaster strikes a finished building.

Secondly, emergency restoration companies approach a damaged building very differently than a new project. The goal is to save as much of the building as possible and mitigate your loss. Emergency restoration contractors will use equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers, etc., to address the damaged areas and have specialized tools like moisture meters and Infrared cameras to find all the places that water travels. This is especially important so you don’t have another issue down the road like mold or hidden structural damage.

Finally, a restoration contractor is very familiar with insurance companies, the claims process and how insurance companies pay for repairs. Restoration companies use the same estimating software that the adjusters use, thus speeding up the time on a claim so you can get paid faster and get on with business as usual.

An emergency restoration contractor sees all types of disaster situations daily and has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your loss is handled properly the first time. By having an emergency restoration contractor in place before a loss will ensure you get back to business quickly, saving you time and money.

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