What You Should Know Before A Disaster Hits Your Property

In the event of a disaster of any kind the most needed answers are sometimes the most difficult to find. When your property has been affected, the last thing on your mind is “where is my main water shut-off valve?”

Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself that will help you navigate a disaster:

  • Do I know where to find the water source to my building?

    • Know where and how to disarm your water main / sprinkler system.
  • How many amps and at what voltage do I need to power my property or power my essential items?

    • Have an Electrician or facilities maintenance identify what your needs would be.
  • Do I have a Restoration / Construction company set up to respond to my needs?

  • Do I have any hazardous chemicals or building materials?

    • If your property was built before 1990, it may be a good idea to have an Asbestos / Lead Survey performed.
  • Can I Identify any irreplaceable items?

    • I recommend placing your vital documents and valuables in a safe place.

The answers to these and many more questions are very easy to find now when not in the middle of a disaster. Plus, the answers to these questions could expedite your recovery efforts. Keep in mind that knowing your property inside and out could save lives as well as save money. The costs for performing the necessary inspections are much cheaper when not in the middle of a disaster.