What you can do before a disaster strikes…

Many companies invest a lot of time and resources into making their business successful.  They hire good people, build a solid customer base and pay their suppliers on time.  But a lot of these same companies are not prepared when a disaster strikes.  “It is estimated that 90 percent of medium to large companies that can’t resume near-normal operations within 5 days of an emergency will go out of business,” says Neal Rawls, Continuity Central Security Columnist and Author.

So what can you do on the front end to protect all your hard work and safeguard your business? Develop a disaster recovery plan.

  • List the names and numbers of key personal and the functions each one of them will perform during a disaster.   
  • Get with your IT team and make sure they have a backup and recovery plan in place for all your communication systems.  
  • Find an alternative location you can work out of if the building is compromised.
  • Have as much information about your building on hand as possible.  Do you have a site study showing any lead or asbestos containing material in the building?  What kind of backup power may be needed to continue operations? 
  • And one of the most important but overlooked aspects is a relationship with a qualified restoration contractor to get you back in business.

With the proper planning and a qualified restoration contractor you will be back in business before your competition!

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