The Technology of Storm Response

Hurricane Preparedness Week is here, and there's no better reminder to review your response plan, or create one if you haven't yet. Whether you're a business owner, homeowner, employee, or family member, having a plan is just as important as having a partner with the right technology to call when the storm is approaching.

Hurricane Tracking and Response  

Beyond GPS – You can't get the help you need if the response team can't find you. The most important resources a restoration project director has are the tools that help locate you and your property. During a hurricane, signs and surface roads can be damaged or unavailable. Unless they're familiar with the area, your restoration contractor will need to be able to accurately identify physical landmarks, use GPS effectively, and access interactive map and storm data while on the road to navigate quickly and safely in a rapidly changing environment.

Detailed Dispatch – Interstate Restoration uses NOAA tracking tools, integrated with Google Maps to plot and track the trajectory of storm systems and dispatch responders accordingly. The technology accesses a database of historical storm information, allowing Interstate to accurately track and plot previous storms and paths. This data is overlaid together on a map to make strategic decisions about the current storm, project its path, and help predict its behavior.

Mobilization & Prioritization – With an idea of where the storm is headed, responders get to the locations where they're needed most first. Mobilizing response can be the most costly part of the restoration – in addition to being time sensitive – and using storm data streamlines the process, reducing both monetary costs and response time. By routing responders to the places they need to be first, crews can follow with secondary support and supplies when resources are limited or unavailable.  

If you don't have a hurricane restoration partner already, now is the time to make the call to secure the right response when you need it most.