Set Realistic Expectations to Overcome Obstacles

We should all be aware of the weather this time of year no matter where you live. In the event of a fire, flood, or natural disaster, take into consideration the obstacles your emergency responders may encounter. We all know it is the duty of our responders to serve and protect however, we must also realize they must protect themselves first in order to protect us. The same goes for your Restoration and Construction contractor. Let us keep in mind many times we are an extension of the emergency personnel responding to your needs.

Weather is not the only factor to consider when facing delays; road closures and conditions, accidents, airport delays and closures are just a few you will need to take into consideration. It is not always how you start but how you finish! The start is very important, but is usually the slowest portion of the recovery effort due to expectations not being set. The first 24 hours of an emergency are the most critical. They should be spent with your team members developing your priorities, therefore your ability to make the start a success becomes reality.

To summarize, set your expectations to a more realistic level. Rome was not built in a day, however starting the recovery process with a timeline of expectations in mind and sharing that plan with those individuals who can impact it will prove to be the best solution for a safe, cost effective, and faster recovery.

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