Self Reliance in an Emergency: It May Be The Key To Saving Your Business

Self reliance. Our parents spend years teaching their children this concept. And it’s one action that companies need to practice more than ever. Why? For one reason: global warming. The truth is, we’ve got to be prepared for erratic weather changes and unexpected disasters as a result.

Many companies still lack a comprehensive plan to prepare for hurricanes or even a pipe that bursts causing their office to flood. What to do? The first step is to face the fact. Chances are high that you may experience a disruption in business due to some type of disaster. Saving your business from unexpected shortfalls means taking control in times of chaos.

Good. You’ve come to terms with the possibility of the unexpected. Now take steps to create a crisis preparation and response plan. Looking for a place to start? Find out how the Navy Seals plan for the unexpected in this recorded webinar. You’re well on your way to becoming self sufficient in times of crisis.