Safety in the Workplace

We know safety pays in the construction industry. As a safety oriented commercial disaster restoration and construction company, we work to lower our insurance premiums which are based on a lower Experience Modification Rate (EMR). However, Interstate’s main objective in our safety management program is to protect our employees, subcontractors, vendors and visitors on our jobsite to ensure their health and safety. There are additional benefits of building a workplace safety culture.

The building of a safe, caring culture, with an added focus on employee training, promotes employee responsibility and employee awareness. Safe contractors have fewer negative experiences with OSHA and other regulatory agencies such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And while a reduction in lost time cases translates to more time working and a more efficient project, we focus our safety culture to encourage employee safety and responsibility. Training is also proven to promote better morale and productivity.

In addition, our clients often look to employ the safest contractors that have low EMR and incident rates. They feel good knowing that each Interstate employee will consciously work hard to enforce the policies of our health and safety program and provide the safest working environment.

However, the one most important aspect of enforcing our health and safety programs is to make sure that each person is provided the fullest protection at the workplace. At the end of the day, we want to ensure they get back home safely to their families.