Responding To A Hurricane: An Operations Perspective

When almost everyone within the projected path of a storm begins to evacuate, the Operations team is putting the final touches on the plan to move into the projected path.

The seven to ten days before landfall are just as stressful on a restoration Operations team as they are on the residents and businesses within the path. Before the storm, our team is securing reservations at multiple hotels in many different cities. Crew members begin packing for an unknown amount of time away from home. Trucks and trailers are loaded with last minute preparations.

Around seven days out, generators, desiccant dehumidifiers, power distribution availabilities begin to diminish—adding to stress levels, in hope that our vast equipment supply will be able to address the scope of damages from the storm. The determination of how many project managers, supervisors and crew members will go in the first wave is made at this time. The final communication with your supply vendors, roofing contractors, extraction vendors has taken place and they are on board with the plan of attack. Trucks begin to leave and head to the first designated staging area awaiting the more defined forecasted landfall.

Three days out, the plan is now in full swing. The command team has a destination within the path defined and flies out to get the command center set-up and ready to go. All trucks, trailers, and crews are safely staged and await the landfall of the storm. The entire team can enjoy some last few meals together and get ready to work long days and nights. We never know how long we’ll be away from our families, and we truly miss them when we’re gone. However we enjoy the thrill of helping people when they need it most.