Property Damage Consulting: Expertise, Training and Experience Are Key

In some cases, especially when disaster strikes suddenly and over a sustained period of time, ascertaining the extent of your property’s damage can overwhelm even the most well-prepared responders. Interstate Restoration, as part of its emergency and disaster response services, also offers property damage consulting to assist its clients in recovering from natural and manmade catastrophes as soon as possible.

Expert training means greater accuracy and objectivity

Interstate Restoration’s team of property damage consultants works together with commercial property owners to swiftly and accurately ascertain the damage to a building, providing a skilled and objective evaluation of restoration and reconstruction costs.

The benefits to both property owners and insurance companies alike are both immediate and indefinite. Property owners get the advantage of trained, knowledgable damage assessment staff, who can realistically and reliably ascertain the amount of restoration and reconstruction needed. Likewise, insurance companies have an impartial, trained staff able to help project and manage cost estimates.

Consultants are trained in all damage consulting areas

Interstate Restoration’s consultants are trained in appraisal, mediation, and arbitration of insurance company-property owner disputes, and are fully qualified to offer expert witness services as well.

Once claim amounts are finalized, Interstate has a well-qualified team that provides construction management services to ensure that resources are used effiicently and that restoration and reconstruction stays on schedule and on budget.

A case study: after Hurricane Gustav

One telling example of Interstate Restoration’s expert property damage consulting services came shortly after the devastation wreaked in 2008 by Hurricane Gustav, a weather event the mayor of New Orleans labeled “the storm of the century.”

As a major insurance company began gathering estimates for restoration of damaged areas, it quickly became aware that its assessment resources were severely overextended. The company called in Interstate Restoration and within a week, Interstate's team of assessment experts had performed more than 100 inspections, with estimates amounting to $3 million dollars turned around within 30 days.