A Proactive Approach to Disaster Restoration

Nine times out of 10, restoration work doesn't come from natural disasters. More often, it's the result of parts failure, mechanical issues, or human error in your business operation. Knowing this, we've always worked with a different disaster restoration approach.

Partners Before Vendors

Since most issues we'll respond to are not the product of Mother Nature, it makes sense to build strong partnerships with our clients so that when things do go wrong, it's not a mad dash for resources that can become scarce. We provide a concerted, coordinated effort that has been carefully and strategically thought through with each of our clients.

Working with risk managers on an ongoing basis means we're ready before catastrophe strikes. We collaborate to make complete, comprehensive plans, so that you have one phone call to make, and a single point of contact when things are chaotic enough. In an area-wide disaster, this also means you're not without the resources you need to get back to business which can help you to gain a competitive advantage by restoring your operations in a shorter period of time.

You Get What You Pay For

The saying is as true now as ever. There will always be cheaper providers. Charging fair prices however, allows us many advantages, not the least of which is sustaining our loyal network of dedicated employees and partners who will never fail to get out of bed, drop whatever they're doing, to make a response happen, wherever and whenever, whatever it takes.

Quick reactions and even faster decision-making are what separate us from our competitors, not price. It may mean we're more of an investment initially, but that's something we're completely comfortable with because it means we can do our very best by our clients.

That's where peace of mind comes from- for us- and the companies and individuals we work with.

Effort That Never Ends

Our team is connected by an abiding drive to put in the effort and hard work: lots of it, every hour, every day of the year. Thanks to our client commitment, we have the financial strength and stability to support these efforts, as long as it takes, while providing the right people for the job, every time.

Preparing for a disaster is the first, best step in recovering from one. Our ability to respond, quickly and effectively, is only a small part of the peace of mind we bring our partners. If you're ready to take a more proactive approach for your organization's future, contact us to learn more about our Priority Response Program.

About the Author: Matt Wenstrom
Matt is the Executive Vice President at Interstate and has over 15 years' experience in the restoration and reconstruction industry. Matt currently oversees Interstate's National and Eastern regional response teams and sales effort.