Preparing Your Home For Winter Weather…

Let’s start with the basics.

  • Keep your garage door closed as much as possible
  • Check your outside water spouts to make sure they are insulated
  • Check your main water lines coming into your house to make sure they are insulated
  • Make sure you know where the water shut off valve is located
  • In really cold weather, place towels down in front your doors and windows
  • Keep your water at a drip in unused areas of your home
  • Have at least 3 plumbing contractors information handy in the event of a water pipe break
  • Keep doors closed in non-conditioned areas of your home, such as closets, pantries, etc…
  • Keep your thermostat set at or above 73 degrees – unless you are leaving town, in which you would want it set around 65 degrees
  • Have your insurance policy and contact numbers handy – time is critical. Don’t waste it looking around for this information
  • Prepare a kit to include: First aid, flashlights and extra batteries, bottles of fresh water, non-perishable food items, medications, important documents as mentioned above
  • Go to the grocery store and stock up on water, essentials, food that can be prepared quickly

Watch your weather forecast closely to prepare ahead of time. Most often the major issues occur when the temperature rises above the freezing mark for an extended period of time. If you are going out of town, make sure you have taken these precautions prior to your departure. Otherwise, your return home may not be pleasant.

In the event you lose power to your home, follow these basic steps to assist preventing your pipes from breaking:

  • Call your power company and report the outage
  • Fill your bathtub up with water to ensure you will have it in the event your pipes do freeze
  • Take towels and wrap as many pipes as possible throughout your home
  • Open up all cabinets where water pipes exist
  • Keep all doors to the exterior closed and locked to keep as much heat in your house as possible
  • Make a fire in your fireplace and keep it burning – using as little wood as possible so it will last longer
  • Keep all your blankets handy and sleep as close to the fire as safely possible

Just remember to stay calm and worst case, get a hotel room in an area that has power.