What Makes Interstate Unique?

POSTED ON: March 7, 2011
People ask us what makes Interstate unique. There are several examples like…our experienced people, our passion to always ‘do the right thing’, and going above and beyond for our clients to name a few. Watch as Stacy Mazur, our CEO, explains the Interstate story and why we love being in the bu... Read More

Pay Close Attention To Weather Warning Signs

POSTED ON: March 7, 2011
Well, Winter is almost over! What a Winter it was all over the country, with record breaking snowfall amounts in the Northeast to the Southern States that typically don’t see the single digit temperatures and white flaky stuff. Who would have predicted the Super Bowl in Dallas to have freezing wea... Read More

Interstate is an Approved NJPA Vendor

POSTED ON: March 1, 2011
Interstate is now an approved NJPA vendor and specializes in emergency response restoration services for compromised government, public education, and non-profit agency properties nationwide. NJPA is a governmental agency that requires vendors to go through a rigorous application and pre-pricing pro... Read More

OSHA…PPE..Who pays?

POSTED ON: February 23, 2011
On February 10, 2011, OSHA mandated the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive. For years there have been questions about who is responsible for supplying PPE to employees. Does the employer need to provide all the PPE required on a jobsite or does the employee have some responsibility? ... Read More

Interstate Corporate Office is Moving

POSTED ON: February 21, 2011
We are excited to announce our corporate Fort Worth location will be moving to a new office effective March 1st. Our new address is: 3401 Quorum Drive, Suite 300 Fort Worth, TX 76137 Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same: Office: 800–622–6433 Fax: 817–293–0283 We gladly welcome visi... Read More

Disasters Even Happen To Us

POSTED ON: February 14, 2011
Each winter many property owners and managers are faced with the reality of water damage caused by frozen and broken pipes. Interstate is not immune to this type of disaster. Because of the freezing cold temperatures, our own building experienced a pipe burst just last week from a broken pipe in the... Read More

Preparing Your Home For Winter Weather…

POSTED ON: February 8, 2011
Let’s start with the basics. Keep your garage door closed as much as possible Check your outside water spouts to make sure they are insulated Check your main water lines coming into your house to make sure they are insulated Make sure you know where the water shut off valve is located In really co... Read More

Make Sure You Have a Trusted Emergency Restoration Company in Place

POSTED ON: February 8, 2011
Wild start to the New Year. Winter Storms hitting from the Rockies all the way to Boston. These storms have brought record low temperatures, record snow levels, and high winds. When times are hectic, especially during area wide events, that’s when you truly need a trusted partner you can count on.... Read More

7 Tips To Prepare Your Property For Winter & Winter Weather Impacts

POSTED ON: January 31, 2011
Are you prepared for winter storms? Winter is here and that means it is important for you to prepare your properties to withstand freezing temperatures to prevent pipes breaking and have a plan for snow removal to prevent a roof collapse. Having a winter storm disaster recovery plan in place can pro... Read More

Fall Protection: The New Standard for Roofers

POSTED ON: January 24, 2011
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced a new directive withdrawing a former one that allowed residential builders to bypass fall protection requirements. The former directive had allowed residential roofers to utilize alternative fall protection means to protect their... Read More