Safety Tips During The Holiday Season

POSTED ON: December 9, 2011
The holiday season is fast approaching. We should all remember to be safe when it comes to Christmas trees, wreaths, candles—and for those of you Griswold families out there—the exterior decorations. Here are some quick tips for a safe holiday: Always use the proper lighting rated for outdoor us... Read More

Line Up an Emergency Restoration Firm before a Disaster Strikes

POSTED ON: November 15, 2011
There are many aspects to a disaster preparedness plan and one of those should include pre-planning in advance of a crisis with a qualified emergency restoration company. You may ask yourself “why?” Maybe this will help. “One-fourth of all business that close because of a disaster never reopen... Read More

8 Steps to Winterize Your Home and Commercial Property to Keep it Dry

POSTED ON: November 10, 2011
It is that time of year again. The leaves are turning to magical colors, even in the south which is a very welcome bright spot after the record breaking heat wave. The weather patterns this fall are lining up to be just as bizarre as the summer patterns. Early record snowfall in many parts of the co... Read More

OSHA: Ramping up enforcement?

POSTED ON: November 1, 2011
OSHA is redirecting funding from its Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) to free up more resources for enforcement in the tight economy. OSHA doesn’t have to receive more federal funding to ramp up inspections. All it has to do is shift money away from the Assistance programs established during th... Read More

Six Tips When Planning For Temporary Power

POSTED ON: October 19, 2011
A generator is a key component to powering up your business. But there are many more considerations to think about when providing temporary power to your facility. By not taking these important factors into account, your heart may skip a few beats when it’s all said and done. To prevent unwanted s... Read More

Working With Your Insurance Company

POSTED ON: October 17, 2011
Sometimes your loss will never reach your insurance deductible, especially if you have chosen a high deductible to save on premium costs. But if the loss is covered and the cost does go above your deductible, you will be working with an adjuster and your insurance company. Working with insurance com... Read More

Responding To A Hurricane: An Operations Perspective

POSTED ON: October 13, 2011
When almost everyone within the projected path of a storm begins to evacuate, the Operations team is putting the final touches on the plan to move into the projected path. The seven to ten days before landfall are just as stressful on a restoration Operations team as they are on the residents and bu... Read More

How To Properly Handle Water Damage

POSTED ON: October 5, 2011
As an emergency restoration firm, our clients often ask us for advice regarding water damage. What are the risks and proper protocol for handling water damage? When does the situation warrant using Interstate verses your own maintenance team? Is water damage from a flood treated differently than wat... Read More

Protecting the Public in Proximity to Construction Sites

POSTED ON: October 4, 2011
We typically think about the safety of subcontractor’s personnel and vendors on construction sites. After all, Federal and/or state OSHA authority on commercial construction begins where an employer-employee relationship exists. (OSHA regulation “CPL 2-0.124 –Multi-Employer Citation Policy” ... Read More

Self Reliance in an Emergency: It May Be The Key To Saving Your Business

POSTED ON: September 22, 2011
Self reliance. Our parents spend years teaching their children this concept. And it’s one action that companies need to practice more than ever. Why? For one reason: global warming. The truth is, we’ve got to be prepared for erratic weather changes and unexpected disasters as a result. Many comp... Read More