Business Continuity: Contingency Plan Checklist

POSTED ON: February 20, 2012
PLAN, EXECUTE, AND RECOVER AFTER A DISASTER When a natural disaster strikes, a business contingency plan and continuity management program can make all the difference in whether your company thrives or struggles post event. Through teambuilding and proper analysis, business continuity management sys... Read More

Five Mistakes of Business Continuity Management

POSTED ON: February 13, 2012
The business continuity management process can be fraught with pitfalls, causing managers and team members alike any number of problems when crafting a program. While the possible mistakes are many, including unrealistic expectations, too many consultants, silo management, IT leading the process, an... Read More

Interstate receives more IICRC certifications

POSTED ON: February 6, 2012
Interstate team members hold several certifications in our industry, including IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We are proud to announce that two more of our team members have acquired their IICRC Water Restoration Technician certifications. We’d like to con... Read More

Small-Business Disaster Recovery Checklist

POSTED ON: February 1, 2012
When readying your business for disaster recovery, consider these steps recommended by the American Red Cross and other assistance groups: Provide your business with efficient, reliable document backup and storage Store copies of important documents such as insurance policies, business licenses, and... Read More

Winter Heating Safety Tips

POSTED ON: January 23, 2012
The typical American family spends at least $2,000 each year on energy costs. Sadly, the need for warmth inside the home during the cold winter months is a leading cause of household fires, resulting in millions of dollars of property damage and tragic loss of life. The U.S. Fire Administration reco... Read More

Restaurant Disaster and the Waffle House Index

POSTED ON: January 16, 2012
You won’t find it mentioned in any official documents, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) relies on an unusual measuring stick for determining the damage left by hurricanes and other severe storms – whether or not the local Waffle House is open for business. An index based on bus... Read More

How To Calculate The True Business Costs Of An Accident

POSTED ON: January 9, 2012
Interstate Restoration takes safety seriously by investing in one of the most advanced safety programs in our industry to protect you, our employees, and the public from injuries. As a result, you get high-quality workmanship because our team is focused on doing the job right the first time. The key... Read More

The Cost of Disasters in 2011

POSTED ON: December 29, 2011
At the beginning of the year I wrote about the enormous cost of disasters in 2010 and asked the question “What will 2011 bring?” Worldwide, man-made and natural disasters in 2010 cost $218 billion, and of that figure cost the insurance industry $43 billion. The $218 billion figure far overshadow... Read More

Housekeeping on Construction Jobsites

POSTED ON: December 19, 2011
Working on an emergency restoration and construction job site has inherited dangers. Clutter and debris creates major hazards that increase the potential of accidents and/or injuries to happen and is considered poor housekeeping. A construction jobsite with poor housekeeping creates an unsafe and le... Read More

Make A Difference For A Child This Christmas With Toys For Tots

POSTED ON: December 14, 2011
Are you looking for a way to help others during the Christmas season? Consider donating or volunteering at the Marine Toys for Tots. For 64 years, the Marine Toys for Tots has helped children in need experience the joy of Christmas. Our very own Cherrie Carney, an account manager in Georgia, is the ... Read More