Property Preparedness Tips for January Weather Extremes

POSTED ON: January 3, 2017
In January we typically focus our business preparedness tips on dealing with issues related to freezing temperatures and winter storms. After all, average temperatures in January and February are normally the lowest of the year. But as we transition into 2017, the weather has been anything but “n... Read More

Wishing You a Festive Holiday Season!

POSTED ON: December 19, 2016
There are countless things to be thankful for this year…and one is you. We truly appreciate your continued support and business. Should the unexpected happen this holiday season, rest assured that we are available anytime (24/7) to help get you back to business, back to life, and back to celeb... Read More

Interstate Restoration Announces the Acquisition of RESTORx of Texas

POSTED ON: December 12, 2016
We are excited to announce Interstate Restoration has acquired RESTORx of Texas. RESTORx is a reputable emergency response and restoration provider currently servicing the Dallas area. Please see our press release below for more information. We are excited to welcome RESTORx to our team! Interstate ... Read More

The Freezing 5 — Five Tips for Protecting Your Business from Freezing Temperatures

POSTED ON: December 5, 2016
Winter’s weather surprises can be tough enough on your business without mishaps. But when you add on a burst pipe, flooded basement, Christmas tree fire, or other preventable events, the headaches can quickly become enormous and costly. As a complement to our earlier post on fall business preparat... Read More

A Year in Review: 2016 Notable Weather Events

POSTED ON: November 28, 2016
With the 2016 hurricane season ending in just a few days, we’re taking a look back to the major storms that hit the United States in 2016. From Winter Storm Jonas to Louisiana flooding, to hail, tornadoes and hurricanes, it sure was an eventful year for extreme weather events. Take a look at our y... Read More

Home and Business Maintenance: Thanksgiving Edition

POSTED ON: November 7, 2016
We’re sharing Home Advisor’s article on Thanksgiving Home Maintenance this week. Not only is it a great list on home maintenance tips to take care of before the holidays, but it’s also a fun way to correlate it to the pending Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you’re broiling, basting or baking t... Read More

Tips for Winterizing Your Home While You're Away

POSTED ON: October 31, 2016
Are you or someone you know heading south for an extended period of time this winter? Whether you plan to skip town and find warmth for two weeks or three months, there are some key pieces you should take into consideration before leaving your property unoccupied, especially if your area is prone to... Read More

How Interstate Responds

POSTED ON: October 24, 2016
Fire. Flooding. Storms. Natural Disasters. These events can bring business operations to a screaming halt. Getting a business up and running as quickly as possible is always our goal. How do we do it? Careful preparation and building relationships long before the storm hits. Being “Interstate prep... Read More

Can Your Business Survive a Fire? 4 Essential Questions to Consider.

POSTED ON: October 17, 2016
In businesses and homes alike, fires are an ever-present danger. That’s why in recent months, we’ve highlighted six reasons why fire preparation is critical along with what the post-fire recovery process looks like. If you’ve read the other posts, you know that damage can be caused by more tha... Read More

Hurricane Matthew: A Record-Breaking and Devastating Hurricane

POSTED ON: October 10, 2016
Hurricane Matthew was named as it entered the Caribbean on September 28. Matthew has since launched a path of devastation across the Caribbean as well as along portions of the southeastern United States. In the process, this storm achieved several meteorological records. Hurricane Matthew became the... Read More