Interstate Applies Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy to Harvey, Irma and Maria Recovery

POSTED ON: October 24, 2017
Hurricane Sandy, aka “Superstorm Sandy,” certainly made its impact five years ago. In the wake of one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record, Interstate has been able to look back and apply some of the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy. Read the full press release below.... Read More

Mold Disasters: 9 Things You Probably Aren't Aware of

POSTED ON: October 2, 2017
Everyone knows mold is unpleasant, and you’re probably well aware that mold can lead to costly problems for businesses. But beyond that, how much do you really know about mold and how to prevent it? Read on for nine interesting facts and a few critical prevention tips: Source: Brian Kichan, CARNO.... Read More

Social Media is Changing Disaster Response; find out what it means for Your Business

POSTED ON: September 18, 2017
Once upon a time when disaster struck, the first thing most people would do was turn on their radio or television set to get a better sense of the situation. Although mass media was and, to some extent, still is invaluable for understanding the big picture of a disaster, there are limited places rep... Read More

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: What's going on with this Atlantic Hurricane Season?

POSTED ON: September 11, 2017
Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have definitely made an impact in Texas and Florida causing massive damage with flooding, storm surge and high winds. This season is the first season on record that the U.S. has had two, Category 4 (maximum sustained winds >=130 mph) hurricanes make landfall. So, ... Read More

Hurricane Irma: Phil Klotzbach Speaks LIVE

POSTED ON: September 8, 2017
First and foremost, we want to send our well wishes to each and every person affected by Hurricane Irma. This storm continues to surprise us all and so in an effort to keep you safe and up-to-date, we asked Dr. Phil Klotzbach to talk about what he's seeing with Irma's progression today and t... Read More

Watch as Dr. Phil Klotzbach Talks About Irma and What We Can Expect This Week

POSTED ON: September 5, 2017
Facing forecasts for yet another hurricane bearing down on the United States, we asked our favorite hurricane expert, Dr. Phil Klotzbach, to share insights on Hurricane Irma and what we might expect in the coming days. Find out what you can expect this week from Hurricane Irma: As Dr. Phil mentioned... Read More

Hurricane Harvey: Why Has It Been so Devastating?

POSTED ON: August 28, 2017
Hurricane Harvey is going to go down in history as one of the most damaging and destructive hurricanes of all-time to hit the United States. Harvey was named by the National Hurricane Center when it was east of Barbados on August 17, but it weakened to a tropical wave while moving across the Caribb... Read More

Tracking Hurricane Harvey and Mobilizing Resources

POSTED ON: August 28, 2017
Our best wishes go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We understand the significant impact this storm brings to both your business and personal lives, so please take care. Interstate has been closely monitoring Hurricane Harvey over the last several days and we continue to follow the ... Read More

2017 Hurricane Season: Have We Hit Our Peak or Are We Just Getting Started?

POSTED ON: August 21, 2017
With a few more months left of hurricane season, we want to chat about some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hurricane topics…like common characteristics of a hurricane and hurricane categories. We also want to share with you some of our favorite ways to prepare, even mid-se... Read More

Water Damage How-to Videos

POSTED ON: July 24, 2017
Quickly addressing water damage can be crucial to recovery. Interstate has created a series of four how-to videos that quickly run-through common scenarios to address water damage. Not only will you be able to watch the effects of water damage to drywall, but you will also learn how to mitigate dama... Read More