OSHA: what they don’t see…someone else will.

The Secretary of Labor, Hilda L. Solis has decided that her compliance officers can’t see everything everywhere so it’s time to recruit assistance from other governmental organizations. The friendly…or in some cases “not so friendly” building inspectors in 11 pilot cities will now report to OSHA, any safety or regulatory violations they may witness while inspecting any project requiring their approvals or permits.

The inspector notes a safety violation, OSHA sends compliance officers to the site to further investigate the violation. Along with hiring 110 more inspectors on the federal level, OSHA feels this will increase their fold by 1000’s.

Solis wrote letters to the mayors of the pilot cities proposing that OSHA work with and train building inspectors on hazards associated with the four leading causes of death at construction sites. Under the program, inspectors would notify OSHA of what they may observe during their inspections. In her letter, Secretary Solis wrote, “I believe workplace enforcement is not only our responsibility but our moral obligation. We need your help to send our inspectors where they can make the biggest difference.” As the assistant secretary, Dr. David Michaels puts it…”This initiative allows us to expand our eyes and ears.”

The past philosophy of just worrying about an OSHA inspector popping up on the job is now in the past…getting that green tag now, may come with a visit by OSHA. Multi facetted projects now require the cooperation of every owner and contractor on site. Coordination of building inspections and job site safety inspections will now affect everyone attempting to secure or create a safe and quality project.

The pilot cities are…drum roll inserted here…

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, GA
Austin, TX
Boise, ID
Cincinnati, OH
Concord, NH
Greenwood Village, CO
Madison, MS
Newark, NJ
Oakland, CA
Washington, DC
Wichita, KS

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