Meet David Patrician: Master Restorer x3

David Patrician, vice president of Interstate Restoration’s Document Recovery Division, recently became one of the world’s few technicians certified as a “Triple Master” by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We sat down with David in our Detroit office and asked him some rapid-fire questions.

What was your first industry project?
The one project that stands out was a prestigious school in a historic district of New Orleans after it was hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Seventeen buildings were hit. The hardwood floor in the gym flooded, swelled and bowed so much I could walk under it. I was a Senior Project Manager at the time, and I was on location in two days. We had it dried and the damaged items removed in less than two months.

How often do you change your passwords?
Very often. I’m a former IT guy so it’s my habit.

What have you binge-watched on Netflix recently?
The Ranch with Sam Elliott. Too funny.

What are you surprised most about when you see businesses that didn’t protect their documents?
So many don’t take the time to protect the documents in advance. They have the mentality, “It won’t happen to me.” It’s so simple to store documents somewhere other than on the floor or in the basement where there’s a greater chance of water damage to occur.

How long did it take to earn your unique masters certifications?
Twenty years. With the hectic nature of the industry, finding time to fit the studies in my schedule was difficult.

What’s one of your favorite vacation spots?
Hawaii. Oahu is fun. Giovanni’s Shrimp Shack on the north shore has amazing food.

You lead a busy life balancing a career and a family. Have your kids expressed interest in a restoration or construction career?
No. My oldest wants to be pharmacist. My middle child wants to be forensic scientist like in CSI. My youngest wants to be a lawyer.

What’s the most unique document you’ve had to restore after a flood or fire?
The strangest one was a project to recover files involved in a volcanic explosion in Alaska. Volcanic ash fell on the documents and the ash turned into a concrete-like substance.

Who is the most influential person in your life?
I have two of them: my father and my wife. My father inspired me in business; he was president of an auto parts supplier in Detroit for many years. My wife helps me stay on track and pushes me to do better.

What was your first concert?
Van Halen in Detroit.

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