Jump Start Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place for your business? We understand.

If you’ve never been through a disaster, such as a fire, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or flooding, it’s easy to make excuses and put off planning. But “https://www.fema.gov/,” according to FEMA. And that may not even be a scary situation that puts your employees’ and customers’ and ability to continue doing business in danger.

That’s why every business needs a disaster recovery plan (DRP). Since the hardest part is often simply getting started, this week’s post is all about giving you a jump-start.

What is a DRP?
DRPs essentially give you and your employees a clear roadmap to follow when disasters happen. They highlight the most likely natural or man-made events that could occur in your area. And they provide step-by-step guidance for what to do before an event, as it’s happening, and immediately afterwards to help ensure peoples’ safety and as little damage to property as possible. 

DRPs need to be updated regularly as the business grows and changes. And it’s important to keep staff trained on procedures so their instincts kick in when they are under pressure in a difficult situation. 

Different Industries, Different Considerations
Disaster recovery planning approaches will vary, often significantly, by industry. Most of the basic questions and considerations for disaster planning apply to practically all industries, however. For example, every DRP will need to address the protection of customers and employees and cover basic questions about things like: 

  • Protecting or securing buildings and assets
  • Who to call for help before, during and/or after the event
  • How to address potential supply chain disruptions

That’s why we put together a general Jump Start Disaster Recovery Plan template. We wanted to provide a way for any business to at least be able to get a basic DRP in place.

Take it One Step at a Time

If reading to this point has given you flashbacks to eating cold pizza while staring blankly at your computer in the corner of your college dorm room in the middle of the night waiting for inspiration to start writing the giant term paper that’s due the next day—don’t panic!

You don’t have to figure out the entire plan at once. You just need to do one thing. Get started. Our complimentary basic DRP template is only a few pages long, and it will give you a good jump-start on building a comprehensive plan.

Download your Jump Start Disaster Recovery Plan template now.

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