Interstate's 17th Anniversary: 5 Causes That Drive Our Success

Looking back on 17 years of business, it’s incredible to think how far Interstate has come. We started with limited resources but a lot of know-how and motivation back in 1998 in Texas, and over the years we’ve added the equivalent of more than an office a year to better serve our clients.

That’s why we want to say a BIG thank you to all of the companies and organizations that have continually put their trust in us over the years. We know when you pick up the phone to call us, you’re often facing difficult and stressful circumstances. And keeping your trust when there is so much on the line is something we take very seriously. In fact , it’s so important that we’ve built our business around 5 causes that help us stay focused on positive outcomes during trying times:

1) Our Core Values 
To do right by your business, we’ve built our culture and brand around five core values to promote the best possible recovery outcomes:

  • Do the right thing—Not only do we enforce high ethical standards, but we work hard to always make sure projects are done right and finished on time and on budget. 
  • Sense of urgency—We know every hour and day your business isn’t running at capacity comes at a high cost, so we always try to move as fast as is safely possible to get you back up and running. 
  • Accountability—If you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, neither of us wins, so we go out of our way to keep you updated about job progress and work through potential issues as they arise. 
  • Gather and grow talent—Delivering world-class servicesrequires outstanding people, so we focus on hiring the best.
  • Have fun—We know that efficiency and good outcomes require motivated employees, so we strive to maintain a culture that encourages fun and job satisfaction. 

2) Giving Back
Our business is all about keeping doors open and communities strong, so we also make a point to give back through fundraisers, including an annual golf event. Interstate has raised more than $158,000 for local charities in Colorado through its golf tournament, and we also support a wide array of national organizations. Helping those in need is what we believe strongly in both on a business level, as well as on a personal level.
3) Safety
Recovery and restoration work is often a dangerous game. As part of our Do the Right Thing value, we are committed to making safety a top priority through the establishment of a full-time safety department and safety training curriculum. Since the inception of our safety program in 2010, our teams have completed more than 14,000 hours of safety training and all of our construction and restoration supervisory personnel are also OSHA 30-hour certified. Protecting our clients, employees and the public from injuries will always be a top priority.

4) Talent
The deep experience of our team helps ensure that we can not only deliver the quality workmanship you need, but that you receive excellent customer service throughout the recovery process. Our team members average 19 years’ experience, and they understand the importance of listening and understanding customer needs to making good recommendations and getting jobs done right. 

5) Being Prepared
Timing is critical to effective disaster response, so we work to stay prepared on many fronts, from strategically locating offices around the country to employing the most advanced forecasting and situation awareness tools possible. We also work hard to help our customers understand the value of advance planning along with resources to help make disaster recovery planning easier. Through educational webinars, blog articles, and checklists (for example, business contingency plan checklist and jumpstart disaster planning template), we always encourage pre-planning before a disaster strikes.

The disaster restoration business can be tricky because nobody ever really knows what’s around the corner. By staying focused on what matters over the long run, however, we’ve been very successful and we look forward to continued great business relationships and success in the coming years.