Interstate is Proud to Announce a New Division: Hotel Renovation Services

Business interruption, even planned, has its fair share of challenges. Hotel renovations nowadays have become “necessary evils” in an effort to keep up with market trends and to remedy underlying issues. Hotel managers are more frequently required to assess renovation scopes to ensure their property continues to make revenue while renovations are underway. No easy task.

Before planning a renovation, it is critical to solicit the help of a general contractor that understands the sense of urgency at hand, the importance of ongoing communication, and is fully equipped to handle the unexpected contingency. Most renovation companies, when faced with an unexpected issue, have to stop work for several weeks while specialists deal with hazardous substances or property damage disasters from pipe breaks, fire or other unexpected events. This can be expensive and extremely frustrating when working against the clock to ensure as minimal business interruption as possible.

Interstate's background in disaster recovery has led to the development of proven approaches for rapidly and efficiently completing general contracting work – even with unexpected surprises (i.e. mold, asbestos, pipe breaks, etc.). Hotel renovation is a natural fit for our service offering, which is why we are excited to announce our newest division: Hotel Renovation Services.

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