Federal and National Hurricane Resources

The time to prepare for Hurricane Sandy is now. When considering your workplace hurricane preparedness, there are a number of federal and state agencies and organizations that can help you make informed, educated decisions about hurricane safety, planning, and storm tracking. Hurricane awareness and response planning could be the difference between safety and disaster for employees facing this potentially massive storm.

Federal and National Hurricane Resources

These websites provide high-level hurricane preparedness and tracking information, as well as up-to-date news and weather information.

Ready.gov: FEMA’s Comprehensive website dealing with national disaster preparedness and recovery, including hurricanes.

Weather.gov: The National Weather Service’s website with the latest weather news and information.

National Hurricane Center: Up-to-date information and advisories for hurricane and tropical storm activity, provided by the National Weather Service.

Red Cross: Information on hurricane preparedness and recovery.

HurricaneSafety.org: The National Hurricane Survival initiative brings together government, business, and individuals to focus on what is needed to help us better prepare for the next natural disaster. Updated news on incoming storms and disaster recovery initiatives.

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