Hospital & Healthcare Facility Restoration

With 16 offices strategically located across the country and offering a full spectrum of both construction and restoration services, Interstate Restoration offers its hospital and healthcare facility clients complete, efficient recovery from all manner of natural and man-made disasters. Working quickly and expertly with a highly trained and experienced staff, we provide everything from structural repair and renovation of flood and water damage to retrofitting and sanitization of diagnostic and treatment equipment.

All work is designed with building-code compliance in mind, with an eye toward our firmly established commitment to sustainable development, reducing our carbon footprint, and maximizing the environmental efficiency of client projects. Restoration team members are highly trained, ASHE certified, fully licensed by local and state governments, and committed to providing the highest level of quality construction and restoration in a timely manner.

Recently, Interstate worked quickly to restore services provided by a Dallas-area hospital that was inundated with flood waters after heavy rains and stormwater runoff flooded much of its lower level. We were on hand to begin providing water damage restoration and drying services within an hour of notification, removing all flood water and applying negative air pressure to minimize the possibility of contaminates reaching other areas of the hospital.

The experts here at Interstate Restoration worked with hospital staff as well as local healthcare authorities to ensure that all repairs were code-compliant and completed promptly. All affected areas were laboratory-tested and given full clearance, allowing doctors and hospital staff to continue treating patients with minimal disruption.