5 Tips for Hibernating Commercial Buildings

The combination of unoccupied commercial spaces and reduced preventative maintenance may increase risk for significant property damage.

As your partner and essential service provider, we are maintaining full response readiness for our clients’ emergency mitigation needs, including water damage, mold damage, fire damage, storm damage and COVID-19 disinfection.

Interstate Services

Follow these top 5 tips to help prevent disaster:

  1. Regular inspections for hazards (electrical, mechanical, structural, physical, etc.).
  2. Check for visible signs of water leaks.
  3. Check for broken windows and doors.
  4. Cross train qualified employees and contractors on location and shut off procedures for water, and other utilities.
  5. Maintain and communicate critical vendor emergency contact information.

For 24/7 emergency response or a consultation to learn more about our COVID-19 services please contact us here.

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