Handling Hospitality Disaster Response and Hotel Renovation

Hospitality disaster response comes with unique challenges and, like any large-scale restoration project, requires preparation and industry familiarity. Hiring a restoration contractor who knows their way around disaster restoration and hotel renovation can mean the difference between a job that moves smoothly, and one that is fragmented and frustrating.

Handling Conflicting Interests

Challenges in hotel renovations often stem from the priority clash between facilities and operations staff. Each group has important interests in mind; for operations it's the comfort and convenience of guests, and for facilities crews it's about getting things working properly (and safely) again. An experienced contractor has seen this type of organizational friction before, and can help unite and support everyone around common goals.

Effective restoration contractors also often have methods to reduce tension between stakeholders, getting them to see eye to eye about shared pain points in the restoration process. Aligning everyone behind mitigating business interruption and supporting the brand as much as possible means restoration can move ahead.

Managing Guest Expectations

Almost no matter what, when a hotel experiences a disaster event, guests will be affected. The degree of fallout, however, is largely determined by how experienced the hospitality restoration contractor is.

Someone who has been in the industry for a while will have the expertise to not only keep everyone safe, but also to help ensure the guest experience is as undisturbed as possible, and consistent with brand standards. Any event can quickly turn into a PR situation, but managing guests, and their expectations, goes a long way in keeping them happy and even pleasantly surprised about the response to anything unexpected.

From resource distribution and supervision to guest concerns and careful negotiation, an experienced hotel restoration partner understands their role, how they can align with – and streamline – the process, and how to best help affected parties, while mitigating business interruption and supporting brand expectations.

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