Focus on Safety and Do The Right Thing

With the Holidays in full swing, it’s important to stay focused on what we stand for. ‘Safety’ and ‘Do the right thing’ are two components that drive our business.

With the financial crisis of the past two years, these two items have come into play more often. More people are trying to value engineer, save money or just plain cut corners. The first two are acceptable, but cutting corners by not testing for asbestos, covering up mold, not pulling permits or proper code upgrades, side deals, are not. These practices are unacceptable anytime. The overall cost to the industry and the building owner is much higher than the few bucks they save cutting these corners.

We have lost a few projects this year by not willing to cut corners. It’s important for all customers, employees, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors to realize the importance of running your projects safely and in accordance with all regulations. By “doing the right thing”, you substantially minimize your risk. By taking the necessary time and best practices will ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.     

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