El Niño is Upon Us

According to a recent USA Today article, El Niño will make an appearance over the next few months. As a result, a warming trend in the Pacific will result in high wind shears which tend to tear apart hurricanes before they develop during the later part of this year’s hurricane season. Potential good news for local businesses commonly effected by hurricane season’s wrath.

However, it is important for business owners to never underestimate the element of ‘surprise’ when good ol’ Mother Nature is at hand. According to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brett Anderson, “there is still time for storms to develop in August and early September, before the full effects of El Niño come into play.”

To protect your home and property from all of the common natural disasters in your region, it is always best to create a disaster plan to help you prepare for the unexpected. Contacting a restoration specialist is one of the best ways for business owners’ to ensure that they will be able to return their business to working order with as minimal disturbance as possible when a disaster strikes.