Water & Flooding Damage

Flood Cleanup Reminders From OSHA

POSTED ON: November 12, 2012
In dealing with the recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy, we felt it would be helpful to provide some flood cleanup reminders. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), here are some important safety tips to consider when dealing with flood water: Before working in floo... Read More

Preparing Your Business for a Tsunami

POSTED ON: July 30, 2012
Feared throughout the world for their deadly potential, tsunamis (from the Japanese term for “harbor wave”) are large, unbroken tidal waves formed by an underwater explosion resulting from volcanic activity, earthquakes, or glacier clavings. It is difficult to understate a tsunami's ... Read More

Flood Insurance 101

POSTED ON: July 16, 2012
In most cases, property damage insurance policies such as homeowner’s and renter’s policies specifically exclude flooding from their coverage. Nevertheless, flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program, a government agency that insures more than 5.5 million Amerian h... Read More

Prevent & Respond to Burst Pipes Brought On by Cold Temperatures

POSTED ON: March 12, 2012
Water damage from leaking and burst pipes can cost your business thousands in electrical and structural damage. Repairing and replacing burst pipes can necessitate tearing up walls and landscaping, as well as replacing hundreds of dollars in damaged merchandise and office equipment. Pipes burst not ... Read More

Flood Planning Tips

POSTED ON: February 27, 2012
Can you believe we are already at the end of February? What does that mean? Springtime is right around the corner (unless of course Punxsutawney Phil is right this year and we have 6 more weeks of winter) and that means sunny skies, warmer temperatures and potential flooding. Despite most of the cou... Read More

Responding To A Hurricane: An Operations Perspective

POSTED ON: October 13, 2011
When almost everyone within the projected path of a storm begins to evacuate, the Operations team is putting the final touches on the plan to move into the projected path. The seven to ten days before landfall are just as stressful on a restoration Operations team as they are on the residents and bu... Read More

How To Properly Handle Water Damage

POSTED ON: October 5, 2011
As an emergency restoration firm, our clients often ask us for advice regarding water damage. What are the risks and proper protocol for handling water damage? When does the situation warrant using Interstate verses your own maintenance team? Is water damage from a flood treated differently than wat... Read More

Mobilizing For Hurricane Irene

POSTED ON: August 24, 2011
Emergency preparations are under way as Hurricane Irene heads for the east coast. Interstate Restoration has mobilized emergency response crews throughout the region to help our clients. The latest predictions show that Hurricane Irene is veering slightly eastward. She is expected to gain strength a... Read More

10 Tips for Preparing for Disaster: Business Disaster Preparation Tips

POSTED ON: June 20, 2011
Each year seems to bring with it an increasing amount of hurricanes and floods, and this years’ hurricane season doesn’t appear to be any different. Disaster planning is vital if you want to protect your home and property from the most common natural disasters in your region. Here are a few disa... Read More

Disasters Even Happen To Us

POSTED ON: February 14, 2011
Each winter many property owners and managers are faced with the reality of water damage caused by frozen and broken pipes. Interstate is not immune to this type of disaster. Because of the freezing cold temperatures, our own building experienced a pipe burst just last week from a broken pipe in the... Read More